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Parker Backdrops is a family run business by Claire and Ryan Parker. All of our backdrops are hand-painted by Claire Parker, a 15+ year professional visual artist. Claire Parker (maiden name Claire Uhlick) studied arts at MacEwan University, before finishing a BFA at the University of Alberta. She has completed two permanent public art commissions and has exhibited her work internationally. Ryan Parker (Claire's Husband) is a professional actor and  portrait photographer.

We're proud to say that every single Parker Backdrop is made in the same studio that Claire's father (Sam Uhlick) started his pottery career back in 1975 and the very same studio that Ryan started his photography business. Claire and Ryan have always loved creating together, Parker Backdrops is just one of the many projects they've taken on together. Their proudest creation is their son Jackson.





How Do you make your backdrops?

Every backdrop is hand-painted by Claire Parker. All backdrops are painted on high quality 100 percent cotton canvas, ranging from 10.45 to 14.75 ounces. The backdrops are made in small batches or one at a time. When aging treatment is done there are a variety of techniques Claire uses to achieve different weathered looks... but we won't tell you all our secrets.

Do you ship world-wide and what are the costs?

We absolutely ship internationally. We are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (eh?). Currently, our online store is only set up for shipping in Canada and US. If you are interested in an estimate for shipping costs internationally, please contact us with the backdrop(s) you'd like to order and we can give you an estimate on the shipping costs. Shipping is not calculated into the price of the backdrop.

How do you take the photos of the backdrops?

All stock images of the backdrops that you see on the inventory page are shot with the same lighting/camera/white balance. Ryan uses a Canon 5D Mark 4. The lighting is two Elinchrom Pro HD 500's with 50 x 130 cm strip boxes (Elinchrom Brand). The lights are both at forty five degree's and feathered to give flat, soft, even lighting. The portrait examples are lit in a variety of ways.


We do not accept returns. All purchases are final.

Do you take custom orders?

No we do not. You can email us with a request. Unfortunately, this is not our only job. We both have full-time jobs and a 3.5 year old. We do season batches. Every summer we make a large stock of backdrops and then we sellout until next year. Our 2019 Stock will be on sale late August 2019. Send in your requests for double sided drops and we’ll try to get it into our stock.

Will I get what I see?

No two backdrops are the same. If you are looking at a photograph of a backdrop - THAT is the backdrop we are selling. However, please understand that monitor colours can differ from computer to computer. The colour and tone of the backdrop will depend a lot on how you decide to light it and direct the colour of the shoot.... which is why it's so much fun!

Are you actually a family business?

Thank you for asking! Yes, we absolutely are. We've been together since 2009 and we've always been a very creative duo. Our proudest creation is our wonderful little son Jackson. If you're lucky, your backdrop might have a little of his flare in it too... provided he was home from daycare that day.

You have a child but do you like animals as well?

Yes of course we do, while we love all animals, our first 'baby' has been our wonderful main-coon cat - Frances. She's the definition of a princess and Jackson loves to hug and squeeze her... almost to a fault.

Enough about you what about me.

We couldn't agree more, we'd love to learn more about you, and when you purchase our backdrops we'd love to see the results! Feel free to send us your favourite shots from any shoots, use the hashtag #parkerbackdrops and tag us on all social media. We'll be happy to share your work on our pages as well as drool over your wonderful photography!




Our BACKDROPS - Your Photos

Portrait by John David Pittman

Portrait by John David Pittman

Portrait by Blake Loates

Portrait by Blake Loates

Self Portrait by Nicole Ashley

Self Portrait by Nicole Ashley

Self Portrait by Kent Miester

Self Portrait by Kent Miester